Natural Resources meet Silicon Valley

Don’t think like a traditional resources company: Own the stack

Traditionally companies glued together off the shelf apps to build an infrastructure to manage their company.  This seems cost effective until customizations are inevitably required and companies are left struggling to make even trivial changes to business logic. 

Recently advances in open source software have allowed unprecedented productivity in development of web applications.  By controlling the entire technology stack Sferion can iteratively automate entire businesses.

Iterative development: Don’t try and make it perfect the first time

Building software perfectly the first time is incredibly expensive and slow.  

Iteratively testing new features in a rapid release cycle is much more effective.  By “owning the stack” Sferion can upgrade its systems in a consistent & timely fashion.  This means new ideas can be tested at a much lower cost.  As the source code of “The Sferion” is owned and maintained by Sferion any necessary changes can be made to any part of the system.